Project 677 Lada-class submarine

Keel-laying ceremonies for two multi-role diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 (Lada series) will be held this year at the Admiralty Shipyards, an affiliate of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

The information was revealed to government-owned TASS by USC on Tuesday at the company’s exhibition at the State Duma held for its 15th anniversary.

The lead submarine of the Lada series, B-585 St. Petersburg joined the Northern Fleet and entered service in September 2021. A second submarine, B-586 Kronshtadt and third one, B-587 Velikiye Luki are to be handed over to the Navy in 2022.

Project 677 belongs to the fourth generation of diesel-electric submarines, currently recognized as the most advanced non-nuclear subs in terms of combat effectiveness and other tactical and technical parameters. The Admiralty Shipyards is the sole plant that builds submarines of this class.