Beijing: China has inducted three new warships into its People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy ahead of its 73rd founding anniversary on Saturday.

The Chinese PLA Navy displayed three of its latest warships that have recently entered service -- two Type 055 10,000 ton-class large destroyers and a Type-052D destroyer -- prior to its 73rd founding anniversary on Saturday, Global Times reported.

Citing analysts on Wednesday, the media outlet said that more new vessels commissioned into the PLA Navy are expected to be revealed soon, and the rapidly growing fleet reflects the Navy's fast growing capabilities to safeguard China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests.

In a recent video which was released by PLA shows its arsenal to celebrate the upcoming anniversary, and a Type 055 large destroyer with the hull number 104 was shown in the video sailing at sea, Global Times said citing a Shanghai-based news website.

This marks the official debut of the fourth Type 055 large destroyer, following the commissioning of the Nanchang (Hull 101) in January 2020, the Lhasa (Hull 102) in March 2021 and the Dalian (Hull 105) in April 2021, it said.

China has built many advanced warships like the Type 052D destroyer, the Type 055 large destroyer and the Type 075 amphibious assault ships over the past few years.

As per Global Times, the PLA Navy could give a glimpse on more newly commissioned vessels as it celebrates its 73rd founding anniversary on Saturday.