Tel Aviv: The democratic world must take notice of the Al-Aqsa violence in Israel and the social media companies, who are now complicit in spreading social terror, must also raise its voice against acts of terrorism, else next Ramzan would be as violent as this one, Israeli media reported.

More than 150 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli riot police on March 15 at the compound of the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam and is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount, when hundreds of Palestinians hurled stones and firecrackers at the nearby Jewish prayer area of the Western Wall. Police arrested 470 persons, the majority of which were released over the weekend.

Israel is witnessing a series of violent attacks during this month of Ramzan and China is playing a mute spectator as Pakistan-Qatar-Iran and Turkey which have actively acted in concert with Beijing since 2019 have failed to protest the Chinese Uyghur genocide, reported the Times of Israel.

Sergio Restelli, a geopolitical expert, said that China's middle-east partners along with Pakistan have failed to condemn Beijing for the tormented situation of its own citizens in the province of Xinjiang.

Notably, the Chinese government has rapidly accelerated its campaign of oppression with forced sterilization, forced labour, constant surveillance, and other abuses making it impossible for Uyghurs to survive in China.

According to a 2020 Chinese government white paper, around 1.29 million people in Xinjiang were subjected to vocational "training" annually between 2014 and 2019. However, the Chinese government has advocated its campaign against the Uyghurs as "poverty alleviation" and preventing terrorism, describing detention centres as "vocational training centres" where Uyghurs are educated and given the skills to thrive economically.

With China's "training centres" subjecting Uyghurs to indoctrination and the renunciation of their language and religion, it is clear that the Chinese government's vision of re-educating Uyghurs is premised on the erasure of their culture and the denial of their basic human rights, according to Ilham.