Indian Army personnel Pradeep Kumar

Indian Army personnel Pradeep Kumar was arrested on Saturday, May 21 for allegedly leaking military information to Pakistan. The punitive action was taken by Rajasthan Police. The 24-year-old military personnel was allegedly honey trapped by a Pakistani woman for leaking information related to the Indian Army.

Kumar, who was stationed in Jodhpur, came in contact with the Pakistani woman via Facebook. She is alleged to have posed as a Hindu woman to get in touch with Pradeep. The woman identified herself as Chhadam, a resident of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The Pakistani agent made Kumar believe that she worked for a corporate firm in Bangalore.

After several months, Kumar allegedly came to Delhi on the pretext of marriage and sought confidential documents related to the Indian Army. Images of confidential information related to military and strategic importance were sent to the Pakistani woman, who allegedly works for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Kumar and the Pakistani woman were reportedly in contact with each other via WhatsApp six months ago, the police said.

According to DG Intelligence Umesh Mishra, Kumar exchanged images of classified documents with the Pak agent via WhatsApp and attempts were made to make other soldiers the scapegoat. Another female friend of Kumar's was also involved in the crime.

Kumar was taken into custody by Rajasthan Police on May 18 for interrogation on suspicion of espionage and was arrested on Saturday, May 21.