The force is now gearing up to conduct anti-drone operations in civil areas just like any other counterterror exercise, sources said

While India faces a growing threat from enemy drones, especially for sensitive and high-profile buildings, airports, and other areas, the country’s elite anti-terror force National Security Guard (NSG) is preparing itself to neutralise this danger.

The force is now gearing up to conduct anti-drone operations in civil areas just like any other counterterror exercise.

The NSG is also preparing itself to secure sensitive areas during special occasions from any drone attack.

According to sources, the home ministry has given its nod to the force to procure the world’s best technology and equipment required for anti-drone operations.

NSG operates in anti-terrorist activities in all its manifestation and is used only in exceptional circumstances to thwart serious acts of terrorism.

A senior government official said that this has been done after sensing the gravity of the threat from drones.

“Drone attacks have taken place in various parts of the world. NSG commandos are now getting trained to conduct anti-drone operations in civil areas. The force has also purchased various anti-drone equipment, radars, guns, and other heavy weapons, which will be used in case of any drone attack. The NSG will emerge as a specialised force that can perform anti-drone operations. The plan is to have a dedicated team backed by technical experts which will move together whenever there would be any big operation," he said.

Another official said that the force is getting top-level expertise for soft as well as hard kills of drones. Specialised weapons and guns have been bought by the force, including long-range weapons guided by radars, jammers, etc.

“During the 26/11 operation, there was no threat from drones. But now the biggest challenge would be a drone attack apart from neutralising terrorists. We have developed technology that can deal with drones and will give the operation team a secure wide aerial territory. That will help us in securing ground as well as aerial areas in case of dealing with any terror attack," a senior NSG officer said.

Apart from anti-drone operations, the force will be deployed at specific times in very sensitive areas to deal with drones. For instance, the Republic Day Parade, special VVIP visits in hyper-sensitive areas, etc. The NSG has already been deployed at Indian Air Force stations in Srinagar and Jammu and provided security cover from drone attacks last year. The force is also giving training to various state police and central forces in dealing with the drone menace.

The NSG is a ‘zero-error force’ with a strength of 7,000 commandos and officers. It is among the world’s most highly trained and well-equipped forces that can deal with any situation. The best and fittest Jawans and officers picked for the NSG undergo several rounds of training and tough tests. The National Security Guard is a dual and deadly combination of Jawans from the Central Armed Police Forces and the Indian Army.