Indian firm Gurutvaa Systems has delivered the first set of the indigenously developed ‘Dronaam' counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UASs) to the Indian Air Force (IAF).

C-CUAS or Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System is a military term for solutions that are designed to detect, track and ultimately disrupt and destroy unmanned airborne vehicles.

Harshad Dave, director of Gurutvaa Systems, said that an undisclosed number of Dronaam C-UASs were delivered to the IAF earlier in May under a contract signed in August 2021. Gurutvaa Systems received the order of the systems in August last year and within a period of 8 months completed the design activity, the proto build and approval from customer and readiness of the first production batch of jammers. Gurutvaa Systems will be fulfilling the remaining part of the order in next 4-5 months.

Dave said the system underwent design review in October 2021 and the first prototype trials were conducted in December 2021. A second trial of a production standard system, which incorporated suggestions from the first trial, was conducted by IAF in February 2022.

Dave further added that the Dronaam system is developed completely indigenously and has proved effective at disrupting the GNSS (global navigation satellite system) navigation and jamming radio frequencies of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The Gurutvaa Systems ‘DRONAAM’ is a state-of-the art, modular system specifically designed for full proof protection against Illegal Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). DRONAAM system provides directional or omni-directional coverage, dismounted or mounted operation. The system can be configured as fully integrated rifle style, safe countermeasure in back-pack configuration. In fixed installation, it can be mounted on any moving or stationary installation with option to cover directional coverage or omni-directional coverage. The system activates GNSS, Control, Video, and Telemetry signal jamming which effectively disrupts commercial drone navigation and control leading to soft-kill.