The National Aerospace Laboratories, NAL based in Bangalore has successfully validated the digital anti-skid brake management system developed for SARAS MK-2 19 seat Light Transport aircraft. The state-of-the-art brake by wire electro-hydraulic braking system is developed for the first time in India for civil aircrafts by NAL which is part of CSIR labs reports Newonair.

The taxi trial of the anti-skid brake system was conducted at the speed of about 30 knots and the results were highly satisfactory. Digital Anti-Skid Braking System integration on SARAS MK-2 will benefit operation from airfields with short runways to boost regional air connectivity.

SARAS MK-2 aircraft being developed by NAL has indigenously built most advanced high performance integrated avionics and flight control computer embedded with multicore power PC, VPX bus architecture and ARINC 635 compliant real-time operating system with safety-critical partitioned virtual wall.

The Central Government had sanctioned the SARAS MK-2 19 seat Light Transport project to NAL in June 2019.

The Indian Air Force has already committed to induct 15 SARAS MK-2 aircraft. It is also considered the most versatile aircraft of its class for connecting remotely located Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and towns under UDAAN Scheme. The first flight of SARAS MK-2 is planned for December 2024.