VRDE, DRDO has released a RFP to collaborate with Industry for the development of Advanced Armoured Platform (AAP-Tr) and development of Crewless Turret.

Indian Armed Forces are poised for major modernisation in the next fifteen years. This process would involve upgrades of hardware and systems as well as purchase of new state of art equipment to enable them meet the security challenges in the coming decades; the volumes are high and the financial outlays

DRDO designed Crewless Turret
An Advanced Armoured Platform is an armed combat vehicle protected by armour, generally combining operational mobility with offensive and defensive capabilities.

The future combat system is designed to be highly manoeuvrable with enhanced protection against various forms of threats, namely, tanks, anti-tank guided missiles, armed attack helicopters and anti-armour mines. Other technologies which are necessitated so as to enhance the vital ingredients of mobility, lethality and survivability are:-

a) Compact power packs and electro mechanical drives and advanced suspension systems remain the primary requirements. The platform should be capable of operating not only on land (but also have an amphibious capability).

b) Development of electronic guns exceeding muzzle velocities of conventional tubes. High velocity Kinetic Energy ammunition along with chemical, High Explosive Anti Tank and thermo-baric munitions/missiles. Trajectory Correction munitions systems that would provide enhanced accuracy and lethality and Advanced fire control systems.