When the minister was asked about New Delhi’s stance on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine and if India can afford to be sitting on the fence as an emerging leader, he replied. “I am not sitting on the fence just because I don't agree with you. It means I am sitting on my ground”.

As he was asked if India expects any global help to resolve the situation with China, the minister said, "This idea that I do a transaction that I come in one conflict because it will help in conflict 2- that's not how the world works. A lot of our problems in China have nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia. They are predated".

The External affairs minister said that Europe should change its mindset on believing that its problems concern the world whereas, it never considers any global problems as its own. Jaishankar went on to say that he doesn’t see it as a fit argument because conflicts between India and Chins happened way before Ukraine. He also pointed out that India has always been an active participant in providing solutions to any big global challenges.

On being asked whether India buying Russian oil is not funding the ongoing war, Jaishankar said, "Look I don't want to sound argumentative. But then buying Russian gas is not funding the war? It's only Indian money and Russian oil coming to India funding the war and not Russia's gas coming to Europe not funding? Let's be a little even-handed."