The Ministry of Defence, intends to procure approximately 40 (Forty) Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial System (NSUAS) for Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Sea lines of Communication (SLOC) monitoring and Coastal/Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveillance, anti-piracy and anti-terrorism, assistance in Search and Rescue and assistance in Maritime Domain Awareness.

The NSUAS will be launched from a ship and will be used for Surveillance including SIGINT, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance and building MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) around a Task Group. The secondary roles of NSUAS would include anti-piracy, antiterrorist activities and assist in Search and Rescue (SAR).

Each system is to comprise of two air vehicles, which are modular in design, made of composite material and that can be dismantled/folded for portability and stowage onboard ship (in a container provided along with Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) being supplied. The RPA must be easily assembled onboard the ship.