Kyiv: The Russian Army has already controlled a part of Ukraine's eastern city Severodonetsk and is gradually moving towards the downtown of the city.

"Unfortunately, part of Severodonetsk city is already controlled by the Russian army. They [the Russians] reported a couple of days ago that they had already captured the entire city. This is not the case, there are our guys in the city. The Russians cannot move freely," Serhiy Hayday, head of Luhansk regional military administration said was quoted by CNN.

Hayday said that the Russians do not control the Lysychansk-Bakhmut route but are shelling near the route.

Shortly after the Russian Army controlled part of Severodonetsk, the Norwegian Refugee Council said that up to 12,000 civilians are still trapped and in need of aid in the eastern city of Ukraine, where Russian troops are advancing, according to CNN.

"I am horrified to see Severodonetsk, the thriving city where we had our operational headquarters become the epicentre of yet another chapter of the brutal war in Ukraine," said Jan Egeland, Secretary-General of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

"We fear that up to 12,000 civilians remain caught in the crossfire in the city, without sufficient access to water, food, medicine, or electricity. The near-constant bombardment is forcing civilians to seek refuge in bomb shelters and basements, with precious few opportunities for those trying to escape," Secretary-General added.

Egeland said that the intensified fighting in the city has made it impossible to deliver aid. "We cannot save lives under the hail of grenades," he added.

The refugee agency called on "parties to the conflict to immediately allow all humanitarian organizations to access Severodonetsk with lifesaving assistance and to enable safe evacuations of civilians who wish to leave the city."

Russia started its military operation in Ukraine on February 24. This large-scale operation has reportedly resulted in a humanitarian crisis, leading to crippling sanctions from Western countries targeting Moscow's high-profile individuals and companies.