Current ambassador of Israel to India Naor Gilon

In an exclusive interview with India Today, the current ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, spoke about the significance of I2U2 summit. 'I2' stands for India and Israel and ‘U2’ for the US and the UAE.

Talking about the significance of the I2U2 summit, the ambassador said that the four countries are “like minded.”

“The idea is to work together on improving infrastructure, medical services, food security and other elements. These are the elements that would probably be outsourced by the forum to companies and private sectors from the four countries,” he said.

He spread light on the significance of the greater global good, not a military alliance which is not directed against any one country or the other.

In the interview, he also elaborated on the corridor and energy storage project.

The ambassador of Israel to India Naor Gilon also raised concerns regarding Iran and the US embassy shifting to Jerusalem. He concluded by saying there's no reason why countries should not have their missions in undisputed parts of Jerusalem.