Hackers have waged a cyber war against India over comments made by Nupur Sharma on the Prophet

Hackers from Malaysia and Indonesia have waged a cyber war against India over now-suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet, the crime branch of the Ahmedabad Police told India Today TV.

Hacker groups Dragon force Malaysia and Hacktivist Indonesia initiated cyber attacks and appealed to Muslim hackers from across the world to launch cyber attacks on India, they said.

Officials of Ahmedabad’s cyber crime team have written to the Malaysian and Indonesian governments and to Interpol for a lookout notice against the groups.

Over two thousand websites have been hacked into, including that of the Thane Police, the Andhra Pradesh police and a news channel in Assam, they added.

During a live broadcast, the news channel went dark and a flag of Pakistan appeared. “Respect The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W” ran on the lower band of the channel, with the text “hacked by team revolution PK” on the ticker.

The cyber criminals even circulated the personal details of Sharma, including her address, online. Aadhaar card and Pan Card details of several people have also been leaked online.

Nupur Sharma’s comments triggered a global controversy, with several countries denouncing her comments. Widespread protests and Indian products being pulled from supermarkets followed. The BJP was quick to distance itself from the comments, dismissing Sharma’s comments as the “views of the fringe”.

Nupur Sharma was subsequently suspended as the party’s national spokesperson.