New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has endorsed a new book that says China can defeat India in 10 days in case of a conflict, and capture Arunachal Pradesh as well as Ladakh.

The book titled ‘The Last War: How AI Will Shape India’s Final Showdown with China’ is written by former Army officer Pravin Sawhney. It delves into how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect India-China conflicts in the future. The book is set to be released on 10 August.

In a blurb, on the book’s cover, Gandhi has called it “an important and timely read”.

“Agree or disagree, Pravin Sawhney’s thorough and troubling analysis of the turbulent times we live in is an important and timely read,” the Congress leader wrote.

In the advent of a war between the two nations, the book says, “China could take Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh with a minimum loss of life and there is very little India could do about it. This is because the Indian military is preparing for the wrong war.”

The author also writes that China’s war with India will be “reminiscent” of the 1991 Gulf War.

“The US military’s battle networks connecting sensors to shooters and guided munitions with support from space assets had induced shock and awe in militaries worldwide. Similarly, China’s war with India will stun the world with the use of artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, multi-domain operations, imaginative war concepts, and collaboration between humans and intelligent robots. China has been preparing for this since the 2017 Doklam crisis after which it permanently augmented its troops across the Line of Actual Control.”

The author also says in the book he had a discussion with Gandhi in the context of a China-Pakistan collusion, where the latter said that the Modi government’s obsession with Pakistan has clouded their thinking.

“Since 2014, our ruling dispensation has whittled down India’s global vision to a single paranoid point — Pakistan. Our leadership’s obsession with Pakistan has clouded their thinking and strategic judgment. Consequently, our establishment is unable to understand that the line between China and Pakistan has disappeared and we are faced with a completely new enemy,” the author quotes Gandhi as saying.