New Delhi: Corner Shot Weapon System has been included in the Indian Army’s wish list for almost eight years, but the Army has not got it yet. Its need was stated in 2014 itself for the Rashtriya Rifles, which is handling counter terrorism operations in Kashmir. At that time it was made only by Israel. But a few years back DRDO has also designed it and two years back it has also transferred the technology to two indigenous companies. The Corner Shot Weapon System is included in the wish list of the Northern Command of the Army, but according to sources, no initiative has been taken to buy it so far. While its delivery to the Jammu and Kashmir Police has also started.

Acquiring Corner-Shot Weapon In 2014

According to sources, the Army was to acquire the Corner Shot Weapon System in 2014. There was talk of acquiring it from Israel but this matter did not go ahead and DRDO said that they could make this system. DRDO made it and when it was shown to the army, initially the problem of display was told in it. The rest of the system was fine but the display used to shake while firing. In 2016, the Army asked DRDO to fix it and the Army would take over the system.

DRDO Gave Information About Corner Shot Weapon

ShootEdge (TRIKAAL) is an advanced CornerShot Weapon, developed by private firm Zen Tech

The Corner Shot Weapon System is designed by the Pune based unit Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE). Its two variants have been designed. One 9 mm pistol and another 40 mm under barrel grenade launcher. It has Weapon, Camera, Laser, IR Illuminator and Torch at the front. Its display, electronics, battery are at the back. It can fire accurately during day and night. It has colour display, digital zoom, high power battery, whose status is also known. According to DRDO, its successful user trials have been done. Its demo has also been given to many agencies. During all the trials and evaluations, the system showed excellent fire capability day and night. DRDO has transferred this technology to two Indian agencies BEE, Pune and Zen Technology, Hyderabad.

Corner Shot Weapon System Can Also Aim In Corners

According to sources, the wish list prepared by the Northern Command of the Army includes various types of drones as well as the Corner Shot Weapon System. However, no company has been ordered to buy them yet. The police, which is conducting counter terrorism operation in collaboration with the Army in Jammu and Kashmir, has procured it and delivery has started to them a few days back. This weapon is said to be very helpful for counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations. Because when there is an encounter in a small space, then this weapon proves to be effective in hiding without being exposed. Corner Shot Weapon System can also aim at corners.

If we look at a rifle, then it targets the enemy directly, but through the Corner Shot Weapon System, the target can be shot on the right or left or even in any corner. Because it can be folded and it also captures the video feed continuously. With this the soldier can be saved from any sudden attack. This is especially useful in close encounters.