Now the government of India has realised that military might is useless in J&K and their army officials have accepted this as well, says Mirwaiz

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that Government of India’s dialogue offer is a welcome step if it is the result of change in policy and approach and not just the outcome of change in circumstances.

The Joint Resistance Leadership, Mirwaiz said will wait and watch how will the government of India follow up on the talk of dialogue. Otherwise this NDA dispensation, the Hurriyat leader said, has left no stone upturned to kill and maim people of J&K consistently for past four years. The credit for the dialogue offer and the U-Turn of the usually adamant BJP, according to Mirwaiz goes to the youth of state, who sacrificed for the ‘cause of freedom.’

Mirwaiz spoke in wake of Home Minister Rajnath Singh's--who is on a two-day visit to J&K-- dialogue offer for Hurriyat saying ‘talks need right minded people and not necessarily like minded people.’ Singh stressed that Prime Minister and Home Minister’s stand on Kashmir should be considered as the view of the government as statements at other levels perhaps gets misinterpreted.

“Government of India says one thing and ministers say other things. There is no hurry. The most important thing is that we have to remain united,” said Mirwaiz.

The former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mirwaiz had realised that Kashmir was not the issue of development and economic packages, but the issue of aspirations of the people of the state.

“Is this change in policy and approach or just change in circumstances? Did their hearts melt out of blue that now they are ready to talk to Kashmiris and Pakistan? Or did circumstances change,” Mirwaiz asked, while addressing Friday congregation at historic Jama Masjid attended by thousands of people.

“For four years, this government tried everything to suppress and oppress people of the state. Their policy was against people of Kashmir, Hurriyat and Pakistan.They stopped talks at foreign secretary level. They tried to cripple our economy through GST. On legal front they went to court to repeal article 370 and 35 (A). Then they talked about establishing Sainik colonies and then SARFAESI Act. They attempted all measures to weaken Kashmiri and our resistance movement. NIA was brought in and then malicious propaganda started on TV trying to establish connection between money, Pakistan and stone pelters but couldn’t succeed. Hurriyat leaders are in jail for over a year now. Then operation wipe out started to kill youth of Kashmir and started target killings. 250 youth were killed last year. Hurriyat was caged,” said Mirwaiz.

Now the government of India has realised that military might is useless in J&K and their army officials have accepted this as well, says Mirwaiz.

“They tried every method of oppression and they realised that it was only strengthening our commitment for freedom and right to self determination

The whole credit goes to youth of Kashmir. Every youth in Kashmir and living across the globe is the ambassador of freedom struggle. They are extensively using social media to represent our struggle. New Delhi tried bullets, pellets, blinding and killings but couldn’t extinguish the flame of freedom. People don’t fear India now. It is not easy. We are actively fighting the third biggest military power in the world for over thirty years now. They have pushed thousands of youth into graves. But they know the more military might they will use there will be more anger against India,” he said.

The local politicians (PDP) Mirwaiz said falsely takes the credit of changing the ground situation. “Local collaborators continued to implement New Delhi’s anti-Kashmir policies. They followed orders like yes men, ready to work on same pay. U- Turn of India happened because of the sacrifices of people because of which BJP is forced to talk on Kashmir. This is success of youth and those who gave their blood for this sacred cause.”

At this juncture, Mirwaiz said, unity among people of Kashmir, Doda, Kishtwar, Poonch Banihal, Baderwah, Kargil, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan was of prime importance. “Today India is accepting that oppression cannot weaken us or force us to succumb. Who doesn’t want development and progress? But is development possible without peace, justice and dignity. Resolution of Kashmir will automatically bring dignity and peace for the youth of the state. On one hand they are pushing youth into graves and then claiming that they are concerned about youth as well. Black laws like AFSPA are implemented here, political leadership is in jail and they don’t talk about this,” said Mirwaiz.