There has been a spike in instances of Kashmiri youth joining terror-related activities in the Valley over the last few months

New Delhi is keeping complete tabs on the recruitment of terrorists in Kashmir, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Friday at a press briefing in the national capital.

The minister made the comment while speaking on increasing instances of Kashmiri youth joining terror-related activities in the Valley.

“We are keeping an eye on recruitment. We are also focusing on what is motivating them to join terrorism and who is behind motivating them,” said Sitharaman.

“Also, we are able to eliminate terrorists on the borders itself,” added the minister.

Speaking on the recent UNHRC report that alleged human rights violations in Kashmir, the Union Minister said, “The report (on Kashmir) is prepared sitting somewhere else. Assessment made by the UNHRC is without basis. If only they see what is on the ground. Indian Army shows the maximum restraint.”

In July, the United Nations had released the first of its kind report on alleged human rights violations in both "Indian-administered and Pakistan-administered Kashmir" and sought an international inquiry into these abuses. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had called the report is "overtly prejudiced" which seeks to build a "false narrative”.

Sitharam also spoke on India's defence deal of procuring S-400 missiles from Russia.

“The talks have reached conclusive stage. Once done, it will take about two and a half to four years to implement,” she said.

On US-India talk, the minister said the dialogue is expected to take place in first week of September.

"The 2+2 dialogue with US is to happen in the first week of September. The agenda will be to develop and strengthen strategic defence cooperation and to follow-on with what had transpired during the meeting with Secretary Defence Mattis."