NEW DELHI: An Indian Army team has reached Moscow to participate in the International Army games scheduled from July 28 to August 11.

India is participating in two competitions including the Tank Biathlon and Elbrus Ring -- which is mountain warfare combat patrol competition in the vicinity of Elbrus Mountain -- both happening in Russia, an Army source said on Thursday.

“The first of the Indian teams taking part in the tank biathlon has reached Moscow and will commence familiarisation from Friday,” the source stated.

The Army games are organised annually by Russia and this year 28 competitions will be held in seven countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Iran and Kazakhstan and Russia.

Apart from participating in two events, India is fielding 10 observers for seven events in China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Last year, the Army had taken its own tanks from India. But this year it has decided against it due to logistical issues and high costs. Also, the tanks taken last year were older ones which broke down in the final stage of the competition. All together, this year the Army decided to use the tanks offered by Russia. China brings its own tanks for the games.

Pakistan is expected to participate in three competitions this year and China in 18-20 competitions. However, India and Pakistan will not be together in any competition. So far 162 teams from 27 countries have confirmed their participation for this edition.

India has been participating in the Army Games since its inception and may be selected to host the Army Scout Masters Competition in 2019.