NEW DELHI: The first shipment of Russian 125-millimetre Mango tank shells produced in India under license agreement successfully passed check tests, and the producer began to supply them to the Indian army, the press service of shells' developer, Russia's Techmash.

"The first shells produced in India passed check test with positive results. The Indian manufacturer is already testing and supplying Mango shots under its brand," the company said.

They specified that since the beginning of 2017, Techmash experts have installed the supplied equipment and helped launch their own production on the basis of artillery plants of the Indian Defense Ministry.

"Personnel training to produce Mango shells, as well the implementation of a comprehensive audit of the readiness and equipment of production, certification of employees, were also included in the contract works," Techmash added.

A joint Russian-Indian enterprise producing Mango tank shells began operating in India earlier this year.

Acting General Director of the Russian Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Alexander Gorduhin also said that the enterprise was expected to manufacture some 200,000 shells.