A Antonov 132D Light multi-purpose aircraft

Kyiv-based Antonov State Enterprise, a leading Ukrainian designer and manufacturer of aircraft, will showcase its new projects at the 12th international Aero India Show 2019, which will be held in Bangalore, India, on February 20-24.

The An-132D lightweight multi-purpose aircraft will be shown at the static parking lot and in demonstration flights at the air show; it will become one of the new aircraft of the air show, the enterprise said on Facebook on Feb. 5.

The new plant, which was developed on the basis of the An-32, a well-known transport plane in India, boasts a weight-lifting ability of 9.2 tonnes, and in future may be an effective replacement for the famous “Silver Horse” [An-32] in the Air Force of India. “Also, Antonov State Enterprise is ready to continue the program of cooperation with India for extending the resource of the existing An-32 fleet from 40 to 50 years,” the company said.