Twelve Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 aircraft-each worth Rs 214 crore--took off from the Gwalior airbase armed with 225 kg GBU-12 conventional laser guided bombs kitted with American-built precision guidance. Each GBU 12 Paveway II (Guided Bomb Unit) which were introduced by the US in 1976 carries a 225 kg warhead worth $20,000-$21,000 (costing between Rs 14-14.7 lakh). With IAF Mirages delivering 1000 kg of bombs it's likely that the IAFs used between 4 to 5 bombs in each of the three locations worth between Rs 56 lakh to Rs 73.5 lakh. GBU 12 Paveway II can be fired with precision from up to 15 km away.

With the IAF using so few bombs for precision and to avoid collateral damage, it indicates not all Mirages were on bombing mission alone even though all may be armed. Some of the Mirages were also armed with Matra Magic close combat missile to retaliate any possible Pakistan Air Force response during the mission. While others may be providing cover in anticipation of a dog-fight if Pakistan Air Force scrambled its jets.

The Enhanced-GBU-12 [EGBU-12] is a dual-mode guided bomb designed to effectively operate in all-weather conditions. Enhanced Paveway II features a GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System as well as a laser guidance system to offer one precision guided weapon for all situations. The resulting dual-mode capability offers true all-weather operational flexibility not found in other weapons systems being produced: GPS guidance for poor weather conditions and precise laser guidance when required for mobile targets of opportunity. Combat proven by the RAF during Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Enhanced PavewayT II DMLGB combines the strengths of both laser guidance and GPS/INS guidance to create a low-cost, all-weather, precision strike weapon. The result provides the war fighter with the option for autonomous GPS-aided guidance in addition to laser terminal guidance.

The addition of the GPS/INS system to the PavewayT II LGB weapon provides increased delivery accuracy, better in-flight wind corrections, increased low-level performance, and expanded delivery envelopes. The unique dual-mode capability of the Enhanced PavewayT II DMLGB offers considerable operational flexibility not currently available with any other weapon outside the PavewayT II family of weapons. Specifically, GPS guidance can be used for all-weather attacks of known targets; and laser guidance provides an option for improved accuracy, man-in-the-loop, moving targets, and targets of opportunity when GPS is denied. Enhanced PavewayT II DMLGB is currently fielded in the RAF inventory and has already proven itself in combat as the weapon of choice for the RAF in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (With input from,

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