For the past few years, the DRDO has been designing and developing multiple autonomous underwater vehicle (AUVs) to meet broader operational requirements for futuristic scenarios. DRDO has developed a Sonar Drone for the Indian Navy. Navy's family of advanced underwater-sensors includes Advanced Panoramic Sonar Hull mounted (APSOH), Hull-mounted Sonar Advanced (HUMSA) and USHUS, will be developed further.

DRDO's Sonar Drone Model that has already been fitted on INS Kolkata and INS Chennai. The Indian Navy has placed an order for 10-15 more sonar drones.

The DRDO is working on 'Swarm Robotics', which can handle IED like the Daksha that the armed forces use. However, what sets apart the developing model of Swarm Robotics is the way it can be put to use for surveillance. “This can be used for guarding and fencing. Of five machines, even if one is shot down the four will respond to each other. All the entities will be programmed. These are low-cost sacrificial units," he said.

IDN at Aero India 2019