The Indian Army carried out a rare integrated military exercise combining its various wings in eastern Ladakh bordering China, days after a face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops in the region.

The war games included tanks, infantry soldiers, paratroopers jumping from helicopters and mechanised infantry as a part of readiness exercise to test the army’s capabilities against China.

The army is looking at setting up integrated battle groups to make its operations more effective and synergised. It will include all arms of the Army like infantry, armoured and artillery to transform them into cohesive striking forces.

Road space is limited in the region and there are logistical constraints due to the tough terrain. Small elements of armoured and mechanised infantry were used to test combined capabilities, said an army source.

Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Command monitored the exercise by integrated troops of all arms and services in very high altitude area in eastern Ladakh on September 17, the Army said.

The exercise encompassed employment of mechanised forces with force multipliers integrating high technology platforms, an Army statement said.

Complimenting the commanders and troops for the outstanding display of professional competence and war fighting capability in extreme terrain and altitude conditions, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh stated that he was fully confident that Northern Command will continue its legacy of excelling in combat in time of any conflict. He also remarked that with the induction of new weapon systems and high tech equipment, the capability and lethality of the Indian Army was progressively improving every passing day. Army Commander called upon all ranks to remain vigilant and maintain a high order of operational readiness.