Even as thousands gathered at NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday for the Modi-Trump event, outside the venue, diverse groups of protesters — Pakistanis, Kashmiris, separatist Khalistanis, Indian civil liberties activists — demonstrated behind barricades erected by Houston police.

Chants of “azadi” and “India get out of Kashmir” rent the air with posters comparing Modi to Hitler and claiming “genocide” in Kashmir, where the Indian government claims things have returned to normal except in a few districts in the Valley. Although dwarfed by the pro-India crowd inside and outside the stadium, the protests were of a significant size and passion in keeping with Houston’s diversity and a strong Muslim presence.

‘This dude is so bad even the introverts are here,’ one sign read. The Pakistani hand in the protests was no secret. Seen among protesters was Pakistan’s federal minister for Kashmir affairs, Ali Amin Gandapur, a presence that raised questions of diplomatic propriety.