Pakistan has said it makes no difference to it if India purchases Rafale fighter jets or something else

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has said it makes no difference to it if India purchases Rafale fighter jets or something else."Pakistan does not want to become part of arms race.

However we know how to defend ourselves. India purchases Rafale fighter jets or some thing else, it makes no difference to Pakistan", this was said by Foreign Office (FO) Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal during a weekly press briefing here in FO on Thursday.He went on to say Kashmiris are facing problems in the face of Indian barbarity.

Pakistan is raising Kashmir issue at every level. Thousands of people are under siege and are kept in open jails therein. We are striving for addressing Kashmir issue. US senators' arrival and their visit to Kashmir is a good omen, he added.We expect prevailing situation in Kashmir has come before all due to these steps, he said adding we are trying to raise Kashmir issue every where.

US president Donald Trump has offered for making mediation on Kashmir problem twice and thrice. This issue has been raised in the meeting of OIC. He remarked " this is a persistent struggle. India has become isolated on this matter.

India has become unable to think what it should do now.He underlined " our demand is this restrictions should be lifted from Occupied Kashmir forthwith. The human rights violations should be relinquished in Occupied Kashmir.He held India in one way has imprisoned 8 million people in jail.

They are human beings and Muslims. There is need to help them.He underscored" we are sanguine Kartarpur corridor will open as per scheduled plan. However cut off date for its inauguration has not been set.

We are striving that Kartarpur corridor is inaugurated in keeping with the promise made by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan last year.He stated invitation has been extended to Manmohan Singh to visit Pakistan in connection with inauguration of Kartarpur corridor.

Responding to a question it is our stance about security and arms race that Pakistan is not ready to join race of arms in any region.

We insist the entire world that it should not drive the region into the race of arms. But if need arises any where then February 27 is before you. We know how to defend us. No matter they are Rafale or something else.To a question he said we don't expect any good from India.

Therefore we are not worried over it. Those who are standing with them should stand there , however we will stand at our place.He said PM Imran Khan has visited China and during his visit matters of mutual interest and regional situation came under discussion.

PM held meetings with Chinese political leadership and they agreed on bolstering cooperation in every sector.He pointed out CPEC authority was constituted to move forward second phase of CPEC on fast track basis.He added Chinese president supported Pakistan stance on Kashmir issue and described it incomplete agenda.He held there are chances of PM Imran Khan visit to Saudi Arabia.

Any headway on his visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia will be informed soon.Talking with reference to Turkey he said we appreciate positive role of Turkey in finding political solution to conflict in Syria.

We laud Turkish government efforts for hosting 3.5 million Syrian refugees on its soil."We consider the security concerns of Turkey in the region as just. Ankara too has been affected by terrorism like Pakistan.Pakistan supports territorial integrity of Syria.

We will continue our support in this respect. Soon a political solution to Syrian problem will be found due to which the apprehensions of all stake holders will be allayed.