Saurav Jha a prominent Indian Defence Journalist in his latest tweet has confirmed the development of very long range Surface to air missile with a reported range of 250 km dubbed as XRSAM by DRDO. The entire system shall be designed for transportability. Indian Air Force has accepted the Configuration.

XRSAM will be used to bridge the gap between MR-SAM (70 km) and S-400 (400 km) Air Defence System and will be using spin-off technologies developed for countries Anti-Ballistic missile Defence system-SAM will complement the S-400 systems in their role and filling the need for a robust Multi-Layered Air Defence System and a family of Ground Based Air Defence Weapon Systems (GBADWS)

The total system will be consisting of two different surface to air missiles. One will have 250 km range another will have 400 km range.

XR-SAM is actually a spin-off of the AAD-1 Endo-atmospheric interceptor with a service ceiling of 120 km and has supposedly Anti-Ballistic Missile features though its not confirmed.

India is buying two different type of surface-to-air missile for its S-400 system: 40N6 (Range: 400 km) and 48N6 Range: 250 km). XR-SAM will have active radar homing guidance GaN (Gallium Nitride ) based UHF radars aimed at engaging Aircraft, Cruise Missiles, Unmanned Drones and even ballistic targets.

DRDO is yet to confirm if XRSAM Air Defence Missile system will consist of one or two different type of missile system yet but there are unconfirmed reports indicating that system will be capable of simultaneously engaging cruise missiles, aircraft and ballistic targets, hinting of using two slightly different missile configuration of same type .

XRSAM Air Defence Missile system might utilise same network grid deployed for Anti-Ballistic missile Defence system and might be working as part of large umbrella air defence network grid consisting of ABM, S-400 and XRSAM surveillance, guidance, tracking network of radars .

The other air defence missiles being developed by DRDO are QR-SAM - Quick Reaction SAM, MR-SAM - Medium Range, Barak-8 and LR-SAM (Long Range) SAM.

XRSAM might be ready for developmental and engineering trials by 2020.