New Delhi: Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat will preside over a meeting on Monday and hold a discussion on 'non-contact war'. Technology is changing nature of war world over and 'non-contact war' throws up new challenges. However, Indian Army is well prepared to tackle newly emerged challenges. General Mukund Naravane, who is due to be the next chief of Indian Army will also be present at the meeting and will focus on unique ways armies around the world are adopting to restructure their militaries.

General Rawat, who is due to retire on December 31 expressed concern over challenges of 'non-contact war'.

"This is a serious matter. We are preparing to meet any challenge thrown up by 'non-contact war," he said.

The discussion will be held at Manekshaw Centre in New Delhi during Army Technology Seminar. The discussion will see participation from war veterans, government representatives, corporates and others.

"Indian Army will showcase their innovative products and encourage private sector to make these machines on a large-scale," said a senior army official.

He said that no-contact war mainly focuses on destroying enemy's capacity to fight when his forces are on his own soil. 

This includes destroying enemy's economic as well as political capacity.

"For this, any nation needs to improve command and control, communication, intelligence, surveillance and computing capacities," said the official.

The senior official said that Indian Army will prepare an action plan for such a 'no-contact war'.