The Conservative Party passed the majority mark of 326 securing 361 seats in a virtual rout of Labour Party which overtly overtly supported Pakistan with its misplaced Kashmir policy in an attempt to garner Muslim votes in the UK elections. It has obviously backfired massively for Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Heading to one of the worst ever tally of just over 200 seats in the 650-member House of Commons, Labour leader leader Jeremy Corbyn announced (via Twitter) that he would not lead the party into the next election, but will stay on for a ‘period of reflection’ before another leader is elected.

Corbyn had during the course of his election campaign supported a distorted Kashmir policy inimical to India's interests to secure Muslim votes. It may be recalled that on September 26, the Labour Party passed an emergency motion on Kashmir, calling for party leader Jeremy Corbyn to seek international observers to "enter" the region and demand the right of self-determination for its people. This stood completely opposite to the Indian assertion that Kashmir was a bilateral issue, with no place for a third party to intervene. The resolution resulted in a backlash from the Indian diaspora, estimated to represent over 1.5 million votes in the UK elections. The ensuing result would certainly warm the cockles of the heart of the vastly large,wealthy and powerful Indian diaspora in the UK.

The Conservative Party passed the majority mark of 326 with over 40 more seats yet to be declared. It won in several Labour strongholds after its clear message of ‘Get Brexit done’ resonated more with voters than Labour’s promise to hold another referendum.