Russian company Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec, has unveiled a combat-ready variant of its Burevestnik AU-220M remotely controlled weapon station (RWS) at the Defexpo 2020 defence exhibition in Lucknow, northern India, taking place on 5–9 February.

UVZ displayed an upgraded variant of its AU-220M RWS at the Defexpo exhibition in Lucknow. 

Georgy Zakamennykh, director general of UVZ’s TsNII Burevestnik research institute, told Jane’s that the upgraded RWS features increased firepower against heavier targets.

“The RWS's 57 mm main gun engages almost all types of targets on the battlefield, except for heavy ones. To hit main battle tanks and heavy field installations, the station can now optionally carry a protected bank of two ready-to-use Ataka or Khrizantema anti-tank guided missiles,” said Zakamennykh.

The 57 mm gun, which has a range of up to 14.5 km and a firing rate of 80 rounds per minute, is coupled to an ammunition load comprising up to 80 ready-to-use air-burst, high-explosive, armour-piercing, and guided projectiles.

“The RWS station can fire both on-the-move, when swimming, as well as during the day and at night,” noted Zakamennyh.

According to UVZ, the combat-ready AU-220M is intended for both existing and advanced armoured platforms, including the Armata heavy infantry fighting vehicle (HIFV). “The [AU-220M] combat module has already been integrated onto the Armata HIFV,” said Zakamennykh.

Burevestnik also showcased at DefExpo 2020 the first-ever mockup of the marinised AU-220M for small surface combatants.