Rioter Shahrukh seeing pointing a gun at an unarmed Delhi Police officer during CAA violence

Agencies point to Pakistan link to anti-CAA protests, evidence of handlers reprimanding 'sources' for failing to organise protest on 3-4 March despite funds

The intelligence agencies have specific evidence that connects the terror-state of Pakistan to the anti-CAA protests, reports Hindustan Times. The evidence corroborates the fact that Pakistan had indeed tried to amplify the violence on the streets of Delhi and had made an all-out effort to spread false propaganda at UN Human Rights Council at Geneva by equating the Delhi riots to 2002 Gujarat riots.

According to Hindustan Times, the Indian intelligence agencies have picked up cross-country electronic communication where people believed to be Pakistani operatives are reprimanding their sources for failing to organise anti-CAA protests with enough mobs on March 3-4 despite the funding at their disposal.

In one such call, the handler attacks his sources for failing to organise an anti-CAA protest and states that he has to now explain to his higher-ups for the lack of crowds.

It is believed that despite the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi was contained at a significant cost, the Pakistani establishment supported by its sympathisers in India will try and use it as an instrument to radicalize young Muslims in north India against the Narendra Modi government through videos and speeches. A similar modus operandi was used after the 2002 riots in Gujarat, they add.

Reportedly, Islamabad’s cause is being supported by other Muslim states such as Iran and Turkey as part of their effort to pitch for leadership in the Shia and Sunni world of Islam.

The Pakistan establishment, especially the ISI, has put every effort to defame India in the UN bodies by talking about the alleged Muslim killings and persecution by the NDA government. However, the Imran Khan government has avoided blaming CAA as the law is designed only to help persecuted minorities in Pakistan among other neighbourhood countries.

Making a national statement at the UNHRC, Pakistan’s permanent representative warned the Council on “India’s drift towards fascism and rank communalism…” and asked the High Commissioner to “prevent violence and ensure the safety of Muslims in Delhi” and elsewhere in the country.

On the day of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the national capital had witnessed unprecedented violence. The anti-CAA riots turned communal in Delhi resulting in severe violence on the streets of Delhi.

The anti-Hindu riots were carefully planned by certain anti-India elements within the country, backed by sections of media, to intensify the so-called anti-CAA protests. However, the Muslim mobs, which were at the forefront of these protests, soon gave up the idea of ‘peaceful’ protests and resorted to their usual modus operandi of inflicting massive terror on the citizens of the national capital.

Shockingly, the left “liberal-secular” media of the country, chose to work on similar lines to amplify the riots by inciting Muslim population through blatant misinformation campaign. Just like Pakistan, which pushed the false narrative of Muslims being the victim despite being the perpetrator of violence on the streets of the Delhi, the media industry of the country also continued with false reporting to fear-monger and incite Muslims, who further descended on the streets to inflict more terror.

Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by the Indian government, the “liberal-secular” media, both within the country and international media, has been at the forefront of spreading false propaganda. In a way, these media instigated people with false reportage resulting in the anti-Hindu riots.

Later, these left-wing media industry also tried to whitewash the crimes committed by Muslim mobs and instead are blaming Hindus for the anti-Hindu riots.

The anti-Hindu riots that engulfed the streets of Delhi have resulted in deaths of around 50 persons and more than 250 people sustained injuries in the violence that started on February 23. The injured include around 70 persons from the security forces. More than 50 FIRs had been filed and 514 suspects had also been rounded up by the police. The cops have set up 2 SITs for investigating serious cases of offence that took place during the riots.