NEW DELHI: India on Saturday suspended e-visas/visas issued to Iranian nationals with immediate effect in wake of coronavirus outbreak there. Visas/e-Visas issued to other foreign nationals who have travelled to Iran on or after February 1, 2020, also stand suspended. “Such foreigners may not be allowed to enter India from any air, land and seaport. All concerned airlines are hereby advised not to accept such passengers. This order starts with immediate effect and shall remain in force till further notice,” the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) said in an order on Saturday.

In another order issued Saturday, the Bureau of Immigration sought separate immigration facilities at Chennai airport for passengers coming from 13 countries which have seen the outbreak of this endemic. “In view of the threat posed by the COVID-19, passengers coming from China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Iran and Italy are to be screened by the airport health officials (APHO) in the airport. After health screening, for immigration service for passengers coming from those 13 countries may be directed to the left side of the immigration area for exclusive clearance,” the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO), BoI, Chennai, said in the order.

“Airlines operate/bringing passengers from these countries may announce on board to directing passengers to come to immigration clearance in the left side of the area. Passengers coming form other than these 13 countries may be directed to the right side of the immigration area. Airline staffs may be briefed and post sufficient airline staffs in the entrance of immigration area to guide the passengers. This starts with immediate effect and shall remain in force till further notice. The matter is informed for relaying to all airlines,” the Chennai BoI order says.