Officials spray disinfectants in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

A 14-member medical team from defence forces, including doctors and paramedics, has reached the Maldives to assist in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The request for medical assistance was sent from the government of Maldives. The team will stay in the Maldives for some time.

The personnel who have been sent to the Maldives are from the Army, Air Force and Navy. The team will help in setting up medical centres that can function as quarantine facilities for those who have been tested positive for coronavirus.

In recent times, this is the first-ever Indian medical team to go to another country.

The Central government had earlier received a request from the coronavirus-affected Maldives for assistance with masks and protective gear.

Other coronavirus-hit countries such as Bhutan, Iran, and Italy, too, have requested India for assistance with masks and protective gear.

"We have received requests from some of the countries in the neighbourhood in terms of providing them assistance for masks and protective gear. Requests are under process. In February we had sent a consignment to China," External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.