In a inhuman and contemptuous act Pakistani authorities are shifting many positive cases of Corona are being shifted to India's legitimate territory illegally occupied by Pakistan

Kashmiri political activists have rebuked Pakistan for shifting Coronavirus affected people from the eastern province of Punjab and the rest of the country to Mirpur city in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Nasir Aziz Khan, spokesperson of United Kashmir People' National Party said, "27 people were brought here on Monday, of which 13 were coronavirus positive. Locals said that there are plans to shift hundreds of other patients from Pakistan".

"We want to ask Pakistan government: Do they not have infrastructure including hospitals and doctors in Punjab? In the last 73 years, you have failed to set up a good hospital and a lab in PoK," he said while adding that it was unacceptable that they brought patients from Punjab and the rest of Pakistan to Mirpur and PoK.

The activists said that the Pakistani establishment was deliberately spreading the coronavirus to get international aid.