NEW DELHI: The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME) of the Indian Army has created a remote-controlled vehicle to deliver essential items to frontline healthcare staff and others. In a Twitter post, the ADGPI Indian Army showcased several images of this remote operated trolley that comes equipped with a wash basin and dustbin. The trolley also has storage space which can be used in hospitals and isolation wards.

“Indian Army EME as part of anti-covid measures has innovated a remotely operated vehicle which can deliver essentials to personnel from 100 feet as part of social distancing,” it said in the Twitter post.

The trolley looks basic and is improvised with electrical fittings to serve the purpose. “This will decrease human contact and chances of infection from spreading. We will fight COVID together,” it said in another tweet.

The Indian Army recently also as developed low-cost innovations to help medical workers fight the coronavirus disease. Indian Army's official Twitter handle ‘@adgpi’ tweeted that it has developed innovative surgical masks, hand sanitiser, anti-aerosolization box and thermal scanner. This comes after the Indian Navy made a unique design for ventilators that can cater to six patients. Dubbed as the Portable Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold, the device can cater to six people from a single oxygen cylinder.

Meanwhile, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has now tweaked fire fighting equipment into machines to spray disinfectants. These machines will be used to sanitise roads and other surfaces. Developed by the Centre for Fire Explosive & Environment Safety (CFEES), these machines are spin offs of fire suppressants.

These portable sanitation equipment can be used to spray decontamination solutions consisting of 1% Hypochlorite (HYPO) solution for sanitisation of suspected areas.

The DRDO has also made a bio-suit for medical professionals to help them fight coronavirus. Interestingly, the bio suit made by DRDO has a unique feature. The DRDO has prepared a special sealant as an alternative to seam sealing tape based on the sealant used in submarine applications, it said.