Despite reports of a fresh Chinese build-up in Galwan, the Indian Army is now in a commanding position in the region as it is now controlling both the strategic heights and the valley.

When it specifically comes to patrol point 14, while both India and China had agreed to move back by 900 metres, the Indian Army is taking no chances considering the unreliability of the Chinese.
Topographically the region is a narrow gorge which gives India a significant advantage as it reportedly controls the heights. This means that the Chinese troops can be stopped if they attempt to cross over into the Indian side of the LAC.

Patrol point 14 was the site of the violent clashes between India and China on 15 June.

China on the other hand has been building a new camp close to Patrol Point 14 on their side of the LAC. The Chinese mobilisation also includes building new roads motorable for low clearance vehicles.

China meanwhile is also attempting to open new fronts in the in Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) and Depsang Sectors. The Indian Army has already mobilised its troops to counter any transgressions by the Chinese.