Indian Air Force is attentive along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh region. High altitude and difficult terrain of the northern frontiers of the Himalayas need special skills and aircrafts to meet the challenges. Indian Air Force with new acquisitions is more confident in the region. AIR correspondent reports that ever since the stand off between India and China in the eastern Ladakh along the line of actual control Indian Air Force has ascertained its position in Ladakh region.

Indian Air Force has the advantage of experience on its side to not just to defend but even to attack if the need arises. Indian Air Force is effectively discharging dual roles, ever since the stand-off in the Eastern Ladakh region. Cargo aircrafts like Globe Master, Hercules are doing transportation while Sukhois, MiGs are patrolling the LAC and ever ready for attack jobs, just in case. Apart from the fire power, the Air Force is using modern drones to keep an eye on enemy movement.

Indian Air Force has strengthened it's chopper strength with the heaviest Chinooks and the swift and technologically modern Apaches' in the high altitude battlefields apart from Cheethas' and Chetaks'.