by Jose Manimala

Most Indian defence pundits ignore this; Chinese opened so many fronts against us already. Economic, psychological, cultural and cyber warfare. Under university guise, PLA, invite Indian defence writers, scholars and journalists to Beijing. There they were subtly manipulated by Chinese mind control experts.

Notorious Chinese Confucius Institutes slowly strangle American universities. Chinese export subsidies kill US companies. Hollywood, heavily Chinese funded, changed plots of World War Z and Gravity. In the first film India became the villain. Second, Russia. In both films originally the Chinese were the bad guys. After Chinese takeover of Opera browser four years ago, I abandoned it. I use super-fast, secure Slimjet now. But overblown Chinese kill switch is a bogey. No, Beijing can’t shut down Indian web or power grids.

Contrary to popular belief Nehru isn’t the sole culprit of 1962 debacle. Top military, intelligence leadership played a major, shameful role. It was white washed. Even then, Chinese brain washed captured Indian officers before returning to them to India. They used Hindi speaking Chinese nurses.

In the current unfolding, showdown with China we can count only on Russia, France, Israel, Vietnam and Japan. In the Nuclear Suppliers Group entry fiasco, 2016, six so called Indian friends, Turkey, Austria, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland and Ireland, turned Brutus.

India have few real friends. There are limits to our soft, hard and economic power.

Firstly, we must shed our pessimistic mindset. We will prevail. We have ‘Divine Matrix, 2009. Indian Army is fully prepared for a two-and-a-half front (China, Pakistan and internal security requirements simultaneously) war. India has world’s best pilots.

High tech Japan, South Korea. Singapore, Israel and Taiwan are amazed at our relentless progress in space and defence technological development.

New Delhi should urgently plan and implement these damage control measures to recover lost ground and pride. Like PRC's Six Wars China Is Sure To Fight In The Next 50 Years, declare forcible recapture of Aksai Chin as the Indian goal.

  • Declare Limited war with China at our own time and terms even inside Chinese territory. as the Indian intention.
  • Declassify full details of 1962 war and 1967 1987 clashes
  • Full diplomatic recognition of Taiwan as a sovereign nation
  • Fortunately Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's first and current female president is a nationalist hawk
  • Appropriate full country Head-in-Exile status to Dalai Lama with equal rights to Pope. Help His Holiness to open consulates in Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Bhutan, Thailand etc. Invite Global Buddhist pilgrims and Hollywood disciples to Bodhgaya
  • Declare Tibet and Hong Kong as occupied territories. Raise Uighur issue in international forums
  • Change RIC Forum into RI. Save Mongolia from Chinese Dhritarashtra hug. Read the riot act to Nepal
  • Alert ED, Revenue Intelligence and CBI about hidden Chinese takeover of weak Indian companies through middlemen. Prevent indirect Chinese economic invasion of India via Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Slowly replace Chinese investment with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Save sinking Indian companies from suicidal fire sale. Chines planned financial takeover of post- Corona world
  • Neutralise Chinese funding and arming of Maoist outfits at source. Strict vigil to unearth, expose well entrenched Chinese fifth column
  • Gradual reduction of Indo Chinese ties to cultural, humanitarian and social levels.
  • See through Chinese strategic doublespeak and different versions of truth. Cancel all Indo Chinese border talks

There was a time. In 1986- 1987, India China border clash at Sumdorong Chu, Rajiv Gandhi tested warming Soviet – China ties. China and America warned India another 1962 like painful, shameful lesson. American defence secretary landed in Delhi and warned India to accept Chinese hegemony or perish. Weak, meek Gorbachev advised India to show the other cheek.

In reply Rajiv asked General Sundarji and Arun Singh to airlift 50000 troops to Chinese border. IAF received orders to bomb deep, inner Chinese targets. Chinese realised IAF will make mincemeat out of their Stone Age air force. Ultra secret Indian nuclear missiles mysteriously come alive and acquired dragon pressure points. After tense standoff, China backed off. Above mentioned realists didn’t, blink. Show of strength saved the day in favor of the Indians.

In Kerala, great Chinese traitors and architects of humiliating 1962 Indian defeat in Sino- Indian war, V. K. Krishna Menon and K. M. Panikkar, worshipped as great patriots. Worse, Kissinger who vowed to finish off India in 1971 war hailed as a strategic messiah In Delhi.

Kissinger’s backdoor diplomacy via Islamabad and strategic Chinese shift jolted India. We sadly realised over hyped US nuclear umbrella was an illusion. Next year we got another strategic lesson. But this time Indians were ready.

In 1971 Indo Pak war Nixon, Kissinger, UK and China tried to destroy us. America sent mighty 7th fleet to destroy Indian Navy. Indira Gandhi (Durga according to Vajpayee) didn't blink. Indian Navy received orders to attack US, UK naval formations. Brezhnev bailed us out.

Some Indian intellectuals urge India to accept a Nepal- grade role and satisfy China. They urge India to give Arunachal Pradesh to China to avoid Chinese wrath. But aggressors never stop with single offerings. They will ask for more. After they swallowed Tibet, they bit off Aksai Chin. Only by Russian intervention Mongolia escaped Chinese embrace.

Unlike India, full NATO member Turkey gave the US the boot on the Triumf, S – 400 deal . See how pacifist Japan handled Chinese insults on them. When Indians attacked in USA Indian peaceniks brag Chinese is the most law abiding in America. What about Chinese spying on America? FBI can't handle Chinese Triads in USA any more. So CIA handles it. Saudis receive red carpet welcome in USA, In return they give Uncle Sam 9/11. Chinese bullied, humiliated Obama in Hangzhou.

See Russia and France. They overcome and prevail over America. Little Israel and Switzerland arm twist anyone. They don't care about UN. Smaller Philippines and Vietnam aggressively meet China head on. India should arm them with BrahMos. Time is running out.

Though America isn’t perfect. A Chinese led world will be dystopian. We are dangerously close to the abyss.

War is old men talking, and young men dying. Revenge must be eaten cold. Chinese anticipate our every move. We must give them a calculated, jolting blow.

We are the cradle of civilisation. We are not China. From ancient times India welcomed opposing, conflicting views, ideas and persecuted people. And weaved them into a colourful, harmonious mosaic. We are proud on our unity in diversity. Many western millionaires lead Spartan, monastic lives in India.

Instead of following the west, especially America, India should take lead. We should be the modern intellectual, financial, technological and liberal capital of Earth. Free world should rally behind us.

I raise my hand in salute to India’s progressive march through centuries to the next millennium towards Pax Indica!

Jose Manimala Pala tracks military and aerospace issues closely. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN