Beijing: China once again tried to encash in the Pangong Lake area of ​​Ladakh in the name of negotiating with India. A large number of Chinese army personnel tried to change the status quo at night on the southern shore of Pangong Lake. This nefarious plot of the dragon was thwarted by the Indian Army in vigorous action. Not only this, the Indian Army immediately deployed more soldiers in the area. Satellite images have revealed that China started preparing for the clash two months ago.

Two months ago, open source intelligence analyst Detresfa revealed the preparations of the Chinese military through satellite images. It is seen in these pictures that China had made many posts on the southern coast of Pangong. This is the area where there have been clashes between the soldiers of China and India. Not only were Chinese troops stationed near the southern bank of Pangong Lake, but a large number of soldiers were seen throughout the Pangong area to assist them.

China Also Built Many New Camps And Routes

Not only this, it was seen in the pictures that China had also built many new camps and routes. Not only this, even after talks, the Chinese army is still standing at a distance of three kilometres from Pangong’s Finger 4. However it was previously claimed that the Chinese army has returned from Finger 4 to Finger 5 and only a few Chinese soldiers are present on the ridge line. According to the satellite picture, the People’s Liberation Army of China remains 3 kilometres west of Foxhole Point.

At the same time, support camps of Chinese Army are also present a few kilometres from this camp. According to Detresfa’s second satellite photos, China has strategically strengthened the Hotan airbase in Xinjiang province, 382 kilometres from Leh, against India. Apart from fighter aircraft, Early Warning AWACS aircraft and air defence units have been deployed here.

Missiles Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons Deployed DF-21/26

China has deployed missiles capable of carrying large-scale nuclear weapons DF-21/26 just a few miles from the Indian border amidst ongoing tension in Ladakh. Pictures from the satellite have revealed that China has deployed DF-26/21 missiles at its Corla military base in Xinjiang province. These missiles are clearly visible in the photographs. The range of this missile is about 4000 km and it covers most cities of India.

These satellite images released by open intelligence source Detresfa have been taken in June this year. According to the latest report of the Federation of American Scientists, the first missile was deployed at the Kurla base in April 2019 and the second missile in August 2019. According to Chinese media reports, the 646th Brigade of the Chinese Army, armed with DF-26 missiles, was first announced to be deployed in April 2018. Subsequently, in January 2019, the Chinese media announced that the DF-26 missiles were manned in the north-western plateau of China (adjoining India).