Pakistan's live Zoom meeting was hacked with songs on Lord Ram and Hanuman

New Delhi: A live Zoom meeting on Kashmir organised by Pakistan on Tuesday was hacked with songs on Lord Ram and Hanuman. The online meeting which was being broadcast on Facebook was attended by experts from various countries. The meeting was organised to discuss the so-called "72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir".

As the anti-India meeting progressed, some pro-Indian users hacked into the meeting by playing songs of Lord Ram and Hanuman.

Soon after songs of Lord Ram and Hanuman start playing in the background, one of the speakers is heard saying, "We expected this to happen."

"We are Indians, we will kick you," the hackers can be heard saying in the video. Watch the video here:

Pakistan Meeting Hacked

Another attendee repeatedly requested one Dr Waleed Mallik to mute his microphone. However, pro-Indian hackers continued to play nationalistic sings to interrupt the meeting.

The meeting was first hacked around 16:55 minutes with a song dedicated to Lord Hanuman being played. The meeting was raided for a second time in the 47th minute with the song, 'Ek hi naara, Ek hi naam, Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Ram'. The song played for around 2 minutes forcing the participants to remain silent.

Snippets of the meeting have gone viral on Twitter, with netizens sharing hilarious memes.