Islamabad: Pakistan is now terrified of India's strength. This can be gauged from the fact that Pak PM Imran Khan has termed India's lobby as the strongest. Imran has claimed that he knows the US system well, the lobby works there. The lobby of Israel and India is very strong, "Imran said. Hussain Haqqani is also with them."

Pak PM said that there is a government in Hindustan which is the most anti-Muslim. Obviously, to wipe out his exasperation, Imran Khan says that no one can say how long I am in power, i try to be in power or not, I will unload the people on the roads. Whatever Imran says, he knows that he has not been selected by the people by the army. After inflation, unemployment, they have now revolted against them. Only chair is left to go.

Expressing his fear openly, Pak PM says that India's policy is to have three pieces of Pakistan. Why are they afraid of Pakistan? Don't think about why Israel has been engaged for 30 years. Because they are scared of the Pakistani army. They know that the Pakistani army is the strongest army in the world. Is a nuclear-armed army.