Former US envoy to UN Nikki Haley said America has stopped providing military aid to Pakistan, who was harbouring terrorists and killing its own soldiers

Former United States UN envoy Nikki Haley said on Saturday that America has stopped providing military aid to Pakistan which was harbouring terrorists and killing its own soldiers.

Speaking at an event in Philadelphia, the Indian-American politician said, "We were giving a billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan, who was turning around harbouring terrorists, that were trying to kill our American soldiers. We don't give that billion dollars to Pakistan now."

In a bid to woo the Indian-American population into voting for President Donald Trump in the November 3 elections, Nikki Haley said that the community contributes a lot to the US and needs to be protected. Haley said she wants the Indians to remember that Trump has given the lowest unemployment and has allowed businesses to thrive in America.

"(The Trump administration) has really allowed us (Indian-Americans) the opportunity to excel in every field and every direction we need to go and continue to support him so that we can continue doing that for our children, our grandchildren right," she added.

'Trump And Modi Get Along Well'

The former envoy further said, in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic, the US is bringing more of a coalition in India along with Australia and Japan. She also highlighted the friendly relations that the leaders of both countries share.

"India is the largest democracy that shares our values, and President Trump and Prime Minister Modi get along so well. But now we are actually partnering with them on defence and trade and other areas," Nikki Haley said.

"And with COVID-19 coming from China. There's more of a coalition that the United States is bringing in India, along with Australia and Japan. And so, really, the foreign policy of President Trump has been gangbusters over any other president that we have had in decades, and that affects every one of us from national security," she added.

Haley, the two-term governor of South Carolina, was the first Cabinet-ranking Indian-American in any presidential administration. She is now campaigning for Trump ahead of the US election.