IPR has recently established a computational cluster facility with approximately 1 PetaFlops (1PF) theoretical peak compute capability.

This 1PF HPC system named, as ANTYA having more than 10000 cores can perform 10 *15 Floating-Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS).

Structure of the IPR Data Centre 
It is housed in IPR Data Centre with 24x7 operations. The name ANTYA has been derived from Sanskrit language and means 10*15. More than 20 HPC applications from various science and engineering domains have been successfully installed and tested to demonstrate the parallel capabilities of ANTYA. 

These applications include highly scalable open-source codes, in-house developed codes and the commercial licensed software. Several of these codes exhibited a near-linear scaling. ANTYA is now fully operational on a 24x7 basis, and is being used for a variety of numerical simulations covering computational fluid dynamics, particle-in-cell, Molecular Dynamics, Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence etc.