Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said that the armed forces deployed at LAC have been given a 'freehand' to counter any changes made by China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) at the Indo-China Border with 'full force'. Citing what the Indian Army did in Galwan Valley, Rajnath Singh said that it is just what is needed to force PLA personnel to back off. The Defence Minister also pointed out that even though India has 'perceptional difference' with China, there are some agreements and protocols that the two countries need to adhere to while patrolling the LAC. 

"Our government has given a free hand to the armed forces to counter any changes across the LAC with China, with full force. The Indian Army did exactly that in Galwan valley. With courage, they countered the PLA's soldiers and forced them to move back. It is a fact that India has a perceptional difference between China. Despite this, there are some agreements, protocols that armies of the two countries follow while patrolling the LAC. We want this border dispute between India and China to be negotiated and peaceful. Talks have continued, and we will continue to have a dialogue to resolve border stand-off with China. But I believe countries should not be expansionist. I want to assure everyone that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's administration, there will be no compromise on India's border, self-respect and sovereignty," said Rajnath Singh.

Rajnath Singh On Integrated National Security

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also spoke about the need to strengthen the security infrastructure of India with focus on new age warfare. He stated that the scope for war will increase in the coming time and will be fought in space, cyber-space and in the hearts & minds of 'most important people' along with the age-old way of waging war in air, water and land. He further informed that the under the leadership of Narendra Modi, India is preparing to deal with this 'new age reality' and transformative reforms have been made for the same.

Rajnath Singh further emphasised the need to focus on indigenous solutions for the Defence and Security sector in a bid to strengthen the nation in line with the 'Make in India' initiative. Speaking about the changes made under the initiative, the Defence Minister informed that an open invitation has been given to Defence Manufacturers to manufacture goods in India, adding that 'equipment and platforms are made to meet India's security needs along with those of the friendly nations'.

"In order to promote defence manufacturing in India, our government has released a negative list of more than 100 items under which we will manufacture those equipment and Platforms in India instead of importing them in this country. There is a need to keep upgrading any good system related to your security at the time of changing and changing requirements. This is why it is not 'This is the End' for us but 'We will always go on," said Rajnath Singh in a series of tweets in Hindi.