It is a takedown of epic proportions. When a Chinese journalist warned India and poked fun its military and economy, a Twitter user locked horns with him and brought him face to face with reality.

Even as de-escalation efforts are on, following the June 15 clash that killed 20 Indian soldiers and 35 Chinese troops, tension continues to hang heavy in the air.

Soon after the clash, Chinese hawks took to social media to mock India, leading to a call in India to boycott China-made products. This did not go down well with the Chinese.

Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese and English editions of the Global Times, the Chinese government mouthpiece, tweeted:

‘Indian nationalists, stop inciting confrontation. The fact is India can't beat China militarily and its weak economy isn't able to sanction China. Don't bluff and stop pushing more Indian soldiers to risk their lives. You are duping Indian people and hurting your country.’

Take a look at the takedown of the Chinese assertion of its military having an edge over the Indian armed forces:

Wrong. We have an edge over you
We are the most battle hardened army in the world n the absolute best in mountain warfare. Your fighting capabilities = ran away from Vietnam, an away in Sudan. No military professional takes your conscript, ill trained, chocolate soldier army seriously

Lets Talk Equipment

Your arty is old. About 50% is obsolete D30s. Most of the rest are M46 knock offs. M46 is a good weapon and forms bulk of our medium arty too. In addition our Arty is in constant warfare on LOC. Can your troops take shock of counter bombardment ? Our ACCS is battle tested

Yes you have a big advantage in Rocket Forces. But at tactical level we will blunt those by massive attacks by IAF

Air Power

You have 1300 a/c. Of these 400 are obsolete old Mig 21 knock offs which we have completely retired. You have 800 3.5-4 Gen a/c J10,J11

You have 150 4.5 Gen a/c

Against this we have 350 4.5 Gen , 50 Bisons (4 Gen) and 120 odd Jaguars.

You have hardly 100 4/4.5 Gen a/c against India. We can surge 250 4.5 Gen keeping 100 for Pak

Your 4 air fields in Tibet are above 13000 feet

Causing severe limitations in loads n ranges. Your only solution is to move entire PLAAF against India leaving nothing against Russia, Taiwan, East.

But where you base them ? You have 4 air fields in Tibet and you cant put 200 a/c on each ? They will be sitting ducks

You could stage them from Eastern Air bases and refuel twice but you have only 15 refuelers in all. And we will take them out.

Our air fields are in an arc from Srinagar to Chabua. Our a/c will take off with 100 % load, use Himalayas for masking and achieve Air Dominance

Air Dominance - we will own the skies over the theatre. And then our strike a/c - Tejas, Jaguars will destroy your land forces armour, logistics, troop concentrations

You will suffer 1000s of casualties. Your nation will be in shock. One child families in panic

Naval Forces

Lets not even go there. You have a superiority in numbers but the capability gap with us is also the largest in the Navy. You know it, the whole word knows it so I won't even waste time detailing it

Conclusion : You know we have the edge and that a war with us will destroy the carefully constructed lies you have told your people. China will implode, break up. World will laugh at you

That's why you don't want to fight. You want to win without firing a shot

While China is the world’s third strongest military power, after the United States and Russia, India is no spring chicken either. It ranks as the world’s 4th most powerful military.

Understandably, there has been some silence on Twitter, the Chinese continue to warn India of ‘serious consequences’. Ever mindful of the threat that its two neighbours pose to India, the nation’s defence forces are on full alert to take on and crush any eventuality.