In eastern Ladakh, the two countries have been pushing for an end to the bitterness between India and China since May 2020. The People’s Liberation Army has withdrawn its troops from the disputed area of ​​the Ladakh border. But even then, India has been reluctant to rely on China. The Indian Navy is now on high alert as the bitterness over Line of Actual Control has eased slightly.

In the past, the Indian Navy has completed the largest naval exercise in the Indian Ocean region, the IOR. The exercise is called the Tropex and is said to be the largest naval exercise. Its purpose is to ensure that China is always vigilant for any action.

The Tropex- Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX) is held every year. Tropex-21 is being held in the last week of February. China has been trying to enter the Indian Ocean. Through this practice, the PLA Navy is ready to face adversity in the maritime areas. This practice takes place every year from January to April.

It includes military strategy, ground forces, air force, and coast guards.