Boeing has disclosed that it is prepared to offer its advanced F-15EX fighter jets, and India looks like it is receptive to the idea

Ever since its border standoffs with China that began last year, the Indian military has been aggressively trying to add more muscle to its air force.

During the skirmishes, India quickly started putting in orders for the French Rafale jets. The country has so far reportedly received eleven aircraft—and six more are expected to be delivered later this month.

Still, it appears that India is thirsty for more. More recently, Boeing has disclosed that it is prepared to offer its advanced F-15EX fighter jets, and India looks like it is receptive to the idea.

Off to the east, Russia is also primed to become a major seller of military equipment to the South Asian country. At the recently concluded Aero India exhibition, it was reported that Russian companies unveiled more than two hundred military hardware, including Su-35 and MiG-35 fighter jets, helicopters, and the S-400 air defence system.

According to the state news agency TASS, Russian officials have confirmed that the burgeoning military cooperation between Moscow and New Delhi will continue to benefit both parties.

“We are successfully moving towards implementation of all priority projects—S-400 systems deliveries, AK-203 Kalashnikov’s contract, Ka-226 helicopters supplies and production in India, as well as an advanced cooperation in the areas of combat aviation (including Su-30MKI), main battle tanks (T-90), frigates, submarines, and missiles, along with joint production of the unique Brahmos,” the officials were quoted as saying.

They added that India was indeed intrigued by the full-size model display of the Sukhoi Su-57E stealth fighter—which was described as the “most advanced” combat jet.

Viktor Kladov, ROSTEC’s director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy, said that the next-generation features of the Su-57E have already piqued the interest of several countries.

“If we speak about the Su-57E, this aircraft evokes high interest in many countries because it features unique combat properties and flight characteristics. We see that there is the need for next-generation aircraft and there are both a market niche and prerequisites for the delivery of this plane,” he said.

Developed by a Moscow-headquartered aerospace company, the Sukhoi Su-57 is a stealth-capable fighter jet that is the outcome of the Russian Air Force’s PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter jet program. It employs a broad use of composite materials that enables it to efficiently evade detection on enemy radars.

The single-seat, twin-engine aircraft—offering a supersonic range of more than fifteen hundred kilometres, which is more than two times the range of the Su-27 fighter—has been designed to destroy all types of air, ground, and naval targets. It also boasts multi-mission capability, automation, and artificial intelligence technologies that significantly enhance the capabilities of any air force.