Exosonic -- a supersonic aircraft maker has now partnered with the U.S. Air Force’s presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate (PE) to develop a supersonic aircraft for the USA President and top leaders that could even replace the Air Force One.

Reported first by CNN, the contract for developing this aircraft was handed after the aviation company impressed the military with its concept of a low-boom supersonic twinjet that’s capable of flying at Mach 1.8.

Conventional supersonic aircraft like the Concorde or SR-71 Blackbird, among several others, are known for the loud sonic boom that they release when they go supersonic. And now, the company has shared the first glimpse of what this aircraft could look like.

New Air Force One: Luxury Suites On The Aircraft

The aircraft is a 31-seater concept of the company’s 70-seater passenger aircraft. Fabricated with luxury leather, oak and quartz, it is definitely one of the most premium business jets out there.

As described by Stephanie Chahan, the principal aircraft interior designer at Exosonic (in a conversation with CNN), the first suite from the two includes three-passenger meeting rooms that will be equipped with secure video teleconferencing allowing the VIPs on board to work, go online or even talk to the press directly. The seats are rotatable and are fabricated using wood and leather.

The seats also have special cavities to house the video monitor in it while sideboards can be pulled in place for food or other equipment. The second suite can hold eight passengers with lie-flat seats and adjustable table heights to allow senior staff members to relax and rest, after a long day of work.

Aircraft Cabin Inspired By The Peregrine Falcon

The rest of the aircraft has the main cabin with 20 business-class seats as well as two galleys, two washrooms and ample storage space. The seats also get space to hold personal electronic devices. According to Chahan, the cabin is inspired by the US Executive Branch, its mission as well as the peregrine falcon. 

The Aircraft Can Fly Up To Twice The Speed of Sound

The new aviation tech by Exosonic gives the aircraft a range of 5,000 nautical miles. Moreover, due to its relatively quiet boom-softening technology, the aircraft can fly over the land at nearly twice the speed of sound without scaring the people below. 

There is still time for supersonic aircraft to become the norm as new US President's Air Force One, as Exosonic claims its supersonic aircraft will fly by the mid-2030s.