Railways said 800 tons of liquid medical oxygen have been delivered daily in the last few days

New Delhi: The Railways has delivered over 8,700 tons of liquid medical oxygen in more than 540 tankers to various states since April 19, the national transporter said on Saturday.

So far, 139 "Oxygen Express" trains have completed their journey, bringing relief to many oxygen-starved states, it said.

Six loaded "Oxygen Express" trains are presently running with more than 475 tons of liquid medical oxygen in 35 tankers, the Railways said.

"Oxygen Express" trains have been delivering nearly 800 tons of LMO on a daily basis in the last few days, it said.

Andhra Pradesh received it's first "Oxygen Express" train in Nellore with 40 tons of LMO on Saturday, while another train is currently on its way to Kerala with 118 tons of oxygen to boost supply in the region, the Railways said.

Gorakhpur and Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh have also received 40 and 80 tons of oxygen respectively.

So far, 521 tons of oxygen has been off-loaded in Maharashtra, nearly 2,350 tons in Uttar Pradesh, 430 tons in Madhya Pradesh, 1,228 tons in Haryana, 308 tons in Telangana, 40 tons in Rajasthan, 361 tons in Karnataka, 200 tons in Uttarakhand, 111 tons in Tamil Nadu, 40 tons in Andhra Pradesh and over 3,084 tons in Delhi, the Railways said.

The Railways has mapped different routes with oxygen supply locations and keeps itself ready with any emerging need of the states. States provide tankers to the Indian Railways for bringing the LMO, the national transporter said.