The US is doing everything to support India's frontline healthcare workers during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said

He said the US has already delivered tons of health supplies to India in the past few days.

"I should say just a word about the crisis facing our friends in India. We're moving urgently to support India's front-line healthcare workers. And three U.S. Air Force C-5M Super Galaxies and a C-17 Globemaster 3 has already delivered many tons of critical supplies," Austin told reporters at a Pentagon news conference on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Under Secretary of Defence for Policy Dr Colin H Kahl spoke with Indian Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar.

During the call, Kahl assured Kumar that the US Defence Department will continue to stand by India in its moment of need, according to a readout of the call by Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Jamal Brown.

Dr Kahl and Dr Kumar highlighted the enduring strength of the US-India strategic partnership, noting that the bonds between the two nations have only deepened in times of crisis,” he said.

They reiterated their commitment to working closely with like-minded countries, including Quadrilateral partners, to address the defining challenges of the time, Brown said.