Kail [PoK]: Ahead of polls on Sunday as political parties in Pakistan make last-ditch efforts to woo voters in PoK's Neelam Valley, locals are seeking basic facilities including gas supply, pothole-free roads and a share in power projects in the area, Anadolu News agency reported.

The area has the potential to attract thousands of tourists every year if the road networks are developed and basic amenities like natural gas are provided, but people of this village are disappointed about a "longtime neglect" of this area.

"The election rally, which was proceeding to lure voters had stopped and locals were risking their lives to rescue bikers. One of them later died, while another had sustained serious injuries, it's a normal affair here," Safeer Kyani, a jeep driver said.

Mushtaq Shah, owner of a restaurant pointing out towards the pot-holed road complains about a "longtime neglect" of this area, 170 kilometres from capital Muzaffarabad.

"It has been a routine these days. Political leaders, activists, candidates, and their supporters visit this otherwise a small tourist-destination with new promises" said Shah.

A candidate from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party of Prime Minister Imran Khan, also lost his life along with his three supporters after their car plunged into the Neelam River last month, Anadolu news agency reported.

The majority of regions in PoK are struggling without gas pipelines, forcing people to rely on cylinders or wood for cooking. The region also experiences load shedding, although there are several big and small power stations dotting the area, producing over 2500-megawatt power. Residents of the region also complain that the electricity from Mangala Dam and other power projects are transported to Pakistani cities.

The country's federal government is unable to provide people in the locality access to basic facilities.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan recently addressed his first election-related public meeting at PoK's Bagh area in which he targeted Indian leadership rather than addressing the concerns of the citizens who are struggling with high inflation.